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Bioidentical Ketones


Ketosis is a normal metabolic process that shortens the length of lipolysis/ketosis. Patients who enable their bodies to go through lipolysis will burn stored fat and use them as their primary source of fuel. Diets that restrict calorie intake may result in weight loss, but some of the loss is lean muscle tissue. That process slows the body’s metabolism, making it more difficult to lose additional weight and making it easier to gain it right back. Ketosis not only burns fat, but also provides other benefits including balancing blood sugar levels, increased satiety, improved energy levels, enhanced blood flow, neuroprotective advantages, mood stabilization, calming inflamatones, improving endurance and enhanced immune system function.

Ketone Supplement

Max Experience is a #1 rated ketone supplement used by fitness professionals that acts like a 4th macronutrient to drive performance, improve fitness and overall health. Developed using research from the Department of Defense and Office of the Navy, it elevates ketone levels in the blood. Use of the ketone supplement has resulted in fat loss, muscle preservation, fast and sustained energy, increased focus, appetite suppression, strength gain, better mood, improved sleep, enhanced digestion and clearer skin. Patients should be aware that the product is not intended to be a medicine, medical treatment or weight-loss supplement.

Research shows that ketosis is a normal metabolic process that can enhance energy levels and burn fat without muscle loss as well as a host of other benefits. Dr. Norbert Gallagher supports the use of Max Experience to raise ketone levels and assist patients who want to go through ketosis. Our Ketogenic and Accountability workshops educate patients on the process while assessing their progress and any changes.

About NutriKeto

NutriKeto or NK is a community of people dedicated to sharing the benefits of Nutritional Ketosis. This movement is redefining human performance as well as addressing the deficiencies of the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is increasingly being linked to a myriad of diseases caused by Metabolic Syndrome.

NutriKeto is committed to providing Real World Solutions for Sustainable Weight Loss, in an effort to stem the tide of obesity and Metabolic related diseases. In a world of GMO and processed “Franken Foods”, NK is committed to providing only “Real Food Products” not food like substances as well as training people on how to turn their bodies into “Fat Burning Machine”.

NutriKeto proudly supports the emerging science of Ketogenics and the Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle. As a leader in the Ketogenic movement, NK is dedicated to helping individuals become Keto Adapted. Although ketosis is not new, we believe this movement is a quantum leap forward in the evolution of health and human performance.

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