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Massage & Body Work

Massage Therapy

When you want to treat yourself, you may think about a soothing, stress-busting massage at a local salon or spa. But did you know that massage can have powerful curative qualities as well? Here at Gallagher Wellness Center, we strive to provide an effective mix of natural, conservative pain relief, injury recovery and wellness care techniques. That's why our Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Gallagher, is happy to prescribe massage therapy where indicated as part of your personalized health and wellness program.

woman receiving massage therapy from bixby chiropractor

Benefits of Massage Therapy

How does massage benefit your body? The specific benefits may vary from technique to technique, but they include:

  • Stress relief - The light strokes of Swedish massage relieve tightness and tension in muscles and connective tissues close to the skin surface, allowing pent-up stress to melt away. Since stress can impair your immune response, massage therapy can help you resist illness in this manner.

  • Improved circulation - Massage therapy boosts both blood flow and lymph drainage. This not only improves your physical function, but it also helps injured tissues heal more quickly, with less swelling and pain.

  • Greater mobility - Deep tissue massage can help break up adhesions, internal scar tissue that restricts muscle movement. The result is greater range of pain-free motion.

  • Chronic pain relief - Chronic muscle knots are a feature of many chronic pain disorders, including fibromyalgia. A type of massage called trigger point therapy can help "undo" these knots so they'll stop referring pain signals throughout the body. Our Jenks massage therapy sessions can also relieve chronic headaches, arthritis and other nagging pain.

Your Source For Tulsa Massage Therapy

Many of the conditions we treat involve multiple physical systems including the spinal column, the nervous system and the soft tissues. That's why our Tulsa chiropractor frequently administers multiple healing modalities simultaneously. For instance, spinal correction via chiropractic adjustment can be easier and more effective just after a session of Tulsa massage therapy to loosen stiff muscle groups. (In fact, we have massage chairs for patients who are about to undergo adjustment or just coming out of an adjustment session.) If you're suffering an injury such as whiplash, you may need both cervical spinal correction and massage therapy in tandem to treat soft tissue pain and swelling alongside herniated discs and pinched nerves.

Certain situations merit their own massage therapy programs. For instance, prenatal massage sessions are designed to accommodate the expectant mother's changing body while gently relieving aches and pains. Sports massage focuses on loosening or rehabilitating the muscles you use most in your chosen activity. Wellness massage emphasizes stress relief and circulatory enhancement to keep you feeling your best.

Have you been searching for massage therapy options? Whether you're dealing with a current health challenge or you just want to stay well, there's a good chance that massage therapy can help. Call 918-747-7463 and contact us for a consultation with our Tulsa chiropractor -- and find out whether massage makes sense for you!

Andrya Dankert (below) is the Licensed Massage Therapist here at Gallagher Wellness Centre.

Andrya Dankert, LMT


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